Né en / Born: 1965

Vit en Bretagne (France)

Living in Brittany (France)

Expositions personnelles / Solo Exhibitions

2008 : Galerie Insula (Ile d'Yeu)
2010 : Galerie Albane (Nantes)
2011 : DS Galerie (Bruxelles)
2011 : Galerie ART4 (Caen)
2012 : Galerie Insula (Paris)
2012 : Galerie LBL ( Ile de Ré)
2013 : Galerie Insula (Paris)
2013 : Galerie Ducastel (Avignon)
2014 : Galerie Audrey Marty (Saint Malo)
2014 : Galerie Insula (Ile d'Yeu)
2014 : Galerie Brûlée (Strasbourg)
2016 : Galerie Insula (Paris)
2018 : Galerie Florence B ( Noirmoutier)
2018 : Galerie Insula (Paris)
2020 : Galerie Insula (Paris)
2022: Galerie Ducastel (Avignon)
2022: Galerie Albane (Nantes)

Salons d'Art / Art Shows
2021: Affordable Art Fair Brussels (Galerie Insula)
2019: Affordable Art Fair Brussels (Galerie Sophie Le Mée et Insula)
2017 : Foire D'Art de kaohsiung 2017 -Taiwan- (Gallery Bergamo)
2016 : Art Taipei -Taiwan- (Gallery Bergamo)
2006/2007/2008/2011/2013 : Salon MAC Paris
2008 : Salon de Mai (Paris)
2010 : Bruxelles Affordable Art Fair (Galerie Capy)
2010 /2011 : Salon Puls' Art au Mans
2010 : START à Strasbourg (Galerie Art 4)
2010 : LINEART à Gand (Galerie DS)
2012 : ART ELYSEES à Paris (Galerie Insula )
2013 : Lille Art Fair à Lille (Galeries Insula et LBL)
2015 : Affordable Art Fair Brussels (Galerie LBL)

en Galeries d'Art / in Art Galleries

France : Galerie Insula (Paris), Galerie Capy (Hossegor),Galerie Albane (Nantes), Galerie Soplhie Le Mée (Ile de Ré), Galerie Ducastel (Avignon), Galerie Brûlée (Strasbourg),Galerie Florence B (Noirmoutier), Anyway Gallery ( Bordeaux).

Taiwan: Gallery Bergamo

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Short Biography

I was born in 1965. My city of birth, Saint Malo, in Brittany, the western tip of France, is an ancient fortified coastal town. I studied Fine Arts at the "Beaux-Arts" School in Rennes, capital city of Brittany.
Aged 25, I moved with my wife to Paris where I had my first studio in Montmartre. Since the start, I am interested in drawing and paper, and my first personal works were black calligraphic paintings on varnished paper. They were about landscapes and interiors, abstractically suggested more than depicted by the using of black lines organizing the painting's space. I also painted a few coloured fields and woods landscapes on paper .
At the end of the nineties, I became interested in a more figurative work, and started drawing little human figures, female nudes, and little scenes involving characters and objects. During the firsts 21st century years I mostly produced little paintings on paper, mounted on wood, on which I started to use paraffin and wax, as a protective, colour-enhancing film.
At these times my two sons were little boys, and I spent time taking care of them, while the family was moving from Paris to Brittany, then to Paris again.
In 2003, we bought an old farm house in Burgundy at 100 kms from Paris, that meant : a big studio for me.There, I developped my technique, and my pictural world on larger sized paintings, using gouache, paraffin and wax on paper. From then on, I have been working on several subject lines : women's costumes, theatrical chairs, imaginary scenes, fictive landscapes.
In 2012 Me and my family moved back to Brittany, where  I am yet living and working.
I am regularly exhibiting my works in art galleries and art shows in France and Belgium.
In 2016 I have been invited among 50 French artists for a 40 days residence in China's Guizhou province.